Ukhuwah Tetap Segar Di Hati Walau Jauh Di Mata

“Sekuat-kuat ikatan iman ialah cinta dan berkasih-sayang kerana Allah dan marah juga kerana Allah”. (Hadis riwayat Imam Ahmad).

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    Factors that lead to the weakening of Istiqamah



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    Factors that lead to the weakening of Istiqamah

    Post by curve on Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:37 pm

    • Committing sins (ma'siah),
      insisting on repeating them again and again, without istighfar (seeking
      Allah's forgiveness) and without practicing repentance.

    • Shirk (associating
      anything with Allah) whether in intentions, by showing off our good
      deeds to others, seeking others' appraisal, avoiding being blamed by
      others, being afraid of someone, or to seek rewards from others than
      Allah. This part of shirk is also called riyya' or showing off. All
      these lead to deviation in Istiqamah, and when these stimuli are not
      there, the person's work is not perfect any more and it is not done in
      the best way possible.

    • Nifaq
      (hypocrisy). There are two forms of nifaq: in belief and in action. The
      Muslim who surrenders totally to the will of Allah and accept Islam
      based on his/her choice is free from the first form of hypocrisy.
      However any Muslim is subject to and should avoid the second form of
      nifaq which the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, warned us about:
      Not keeping promises and breaking them continuously without good
      reasons or excuses, not fulfilling commitments we make with others,
      being aggressive and unjust to others in quarrels, and disputes,
      failing to shoulder responsibilities/burdens we are entrusted with,
      etc. All these bad qualities should be avoided since they lead to the
      weakening of our Istiqamah.

    • Bida'ah
      (innovations in ibadah), whether genuine bida'ah (performing ibadah
      which has not been ascribed by Shariah, i.e. revelation), or relative
      bida'ah (failing to observe the requirements of doing ibadah - the five
      criteria discussed in Hadith 5), will lead to decreasing the quality of
      good action or ibadah.

    are other factors that also contribute to the weakening of Istiqamah,
    such as: recklessness, reluctance, heedlessness, being overwhelmed by a
    deceiving enjoyment, and being mislead by self interests and desires.

    the above mentioned steps and requirements pinpointed by scholars will
    help in overcoming all these obstacles and barrier

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